Strange Sights Around the Olympic Peninsula

Werewolves and sea stacks and rain forests are just a few of the quirky characteristics of the Olympic Peninsula and Pacific Coast.

Here are a few more unusual sights not to miss.

  • The trucks Bella drove in both the book and movie version of Twilight are parked outside the Chamber of Commerce in Forks.
  • The Northwest Carriage Museum in Raymond is home to 27 horse-drawn vehicles, including Belle Watling’s carriage from Gone With the Wind.
  • The Pacific County Courthouse in South Bend, listed on the National Register of Historic Places, features a Tiffany glass dome.
  • The largest Christmas tree made out of crab pots can be found in Ilwaco.
  • The World Kite Museum in Long Beach features kites that survived World War II.
  • There are six miles of beaches, two freshwater lakes, 23 miles of canals and an old-growth rain forest in the middle of Ocean Shores, which is where you can also walk through the 10-foot jaws of a (man-made) great white at Sharky’s gift shop.

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Julia H. Case